Our new programs!

While everyone else is relaxing by the pool enjoying the hot Florida sun… so are we! In between working on choreography and running to costume fittings, of course (but don’t worry, we won’t lose our signature ice skater paleness! No matter how hard we try, we still reflect the ice like ghosts and Tarah still has to buy the lightest shade of foundation).

After just finding out about our invitations to represent Team USA at this year’s Cup of China in Shanghai and Rostelecom Cup in Moscow at our first ever Grand Prix events, we are so excited for a two week excursion abroad where we will compete both competitions back to back! Which means we will probably be bringing an extra suitcase full of food (i.e., a lot of peanut butter and granola bars to curb those late night protein cravings where foreign foods are just a bit too foreign). We are both excited to explore new places, and Tarah is still holding on to that glimmer of hope that someone will trade pins with her (no one ever will).

Speaking of competitions, we are getting ready to debut our new programs, and we hope you will love them as much as we do. Our short program is set to “Your Song” sung by Ewan McGregor from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. If you are familiar with the film, the program is truly inspired by “truth, beauty, freedom and love” and is the theme of the piece and the inspiration of the movement. Our long program, on the other hand, is filled with passion and tragedy; however, again we play a couple in love who are destined to be pulled apart: music from the ballet Spartacus!

Thanks for reading,

Tarah & Danny