In Between the Seasons

New seasons are usually characterized by change: Saying goodbye to snow flurries in exchange for summer sunshine and exchanging sweaters for tee shirts. But for us, a new season means new programs and a (begrudging) change of rules… and perhaps the best thing of all, the idea of new costumes dancing like sugarplums in Tarah’s head.

As we kiss the men that brought us through the 2014 season (Don Quixote and James Bond) goodbye, we are ushering in new music, new choreography and everything exciting that comes along with being a competitive ice skater in a new season. As of right now, every day is a new learning experience at the rink and we are focusing intently on becoming the characters we will transform in to at the end of the season. Mostly that includes immersing ourselves in the stories of our new programs so we not only understand what is going on, but feel it as well.

Since the end of the 2014 season, we both have celebrated birthdays, turning 23 (Danny) and 21 (Tarah), respectively. For Tarah’s birthday, she celebrated by taking a trip to Disney World and going to dinner with Danny; for Danny’s, Tarah got him the biggest cookie cake she could find. During our little bit of down time between training, school classes and work, we have both been spending time with friends and catching up on some of our favorite TV (Game of Thrones for Tarah, House of Cards for Danny) and of course, adding in some extra dance classes.

Thank you so much for keeping up with us during the off season… Although there never really is an ‘off’ season for a skater, we are hard at work behind the scenes!

-Tarah & Danny