Other Words for Amazing

2016 U.S. Championships

I haven’t written a lot lately. I’ve been meaning to write a new blog but I’ve been dragging my feet. So much has happened but I had a feeling it would be hard to explain. How would I put into words how it felt to stand on the ice at Nationals looking up at hundreds of people standing up and cheering for us? Would I try to think of synonyms for the word amazing? I will think of that moment every day and never know how to describe it in words. It’s the type of thing that takes your breath away. It makes you feel grateful for every terrible thing that has ever happened to you because they all led you to that exact moment: standing on the ice at Nationals, looking up at hundreds of people who are standing up and cheering for you. Pick a synonym for amazing…any one, they all work.

After a quick day in Boston for a Worlds media day, we went back home to resume our training. Things picked up where they left off in preparation for the Four Continents Championships in Taipei City, Taiwan. We were prepared for the competition and skating at the top of our game, but unfortunately I became extremely ill while in Taipei City. I fought through a difficult week and had to spend time at home to recover completely.

Through the many ups and downs that we have experienced throughout this season so far, we have accomplished many of the goals we had set for ourselves and grown closer as people while doing so. We have learned not to limit ourselves and always to push forward no matter what doubts we may have. This has been a season of firsts, our first Grand Prix events, our first National title, and now our first World Championships – sometimes it gets overwhelming and we get scared, but the best thing about pairs is you always have your partner to take the next step with.

One step at a time, together. See you in Boston!

Tarah (& Danny)