Back from Austria… minus a tux

December 6, 2013

kayneoshea-blogIt is hard to believe that we were in Austria less than two weeks ago! With all of the extra holiday show rehearsals we have been cramming in since we have arrived back, it seems like forever ago that we skated our way to our third international medal (in a row)! 

Although the Ice Challenge can be labeled as an overall success, that does not go to say that it was without flaws, falls and forgetful blunders. As we were getting ready to go to the rink to compete our short program, Danny realized he had accidentally forgotten his costume inside of a taxi. Going against the typical James Bond fashion, he simply rocked a plain black tee instead of his competition tux and we tried to block out the fact that Tarah was a bit overdressed (photo on right taken by team leader Kitty DeLio-LaForte). Despite our constant searching and phone calls, the costume is still in Austria — and there is probably a taxi driver enjoying his martini shaken, not stirred. 

After a quick Thanksgiving visit in Chicago to spend time with Danny’s family, we have arrived back home in Ellenton, Florida just in time for our club’s holiday show (Dec. 7-8)! This year we are featuring a collection of Disney vignette’s, and have been cast as Hercules and Megara — a perfect fit for Danny’s majestic muscles and Tarah’s sassy…sass. We are excited to bring our programs to life in front of three sold out shows!

-Tarah & Danny